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This site is dedicated to providing artists with the opportunity to exhibit your artwork on our site!

We are here to provide a space for you to submit and exhibit your artistic creativity and originality!

My Art Competition - Online Art Contest


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(NOTE: To encourage submissions, we have reduced the price of submission to $2.50 per upload! Submit your art now!)

Artists, whether professional or amateur, of all ages, professions, artistic backgrounds, countries, etc. are welcome to enter and exhibit their artwork on this art website! We will even make a special page just for your artwork (which will include your name, location, a link to contact you, and of course, your artwork, which you can then share with friends and family to exhibit and promote your art on!


What we offer you:

  • A dedicated page on our site to showcase your artwork and GET NOTICED!
  • Critics from professional artisits, jurors, gallery owners!
  • Potential to get your artwork displayed in exhibits and galleries!
  • And more!

Submit your artwork now!



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Please Note:  This site is no longer providing prizes for submissions...

We have therefore permanently reduced the fee of entries to $2.50/image.

For more info, click here.



We hope you enjoy our site... Look around and when ready, submit your art!



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