Competition Rules

Competitions are currently bi-annual... This means that we will hold two competitions per year! The art competitions are open to artists of all levels, ages, backgrounds, origins, etc.

Round 1 = January - June (Winners will be notified in July)

Round 2 = July - December (Winners will be notified in January)


The competition rules and regulations are as follows:

  • All artwork must be originals and submitted by the original creator / artist. We will critic artwork on originality and talent.
  • No copies, tracing, "rip offs" or other non-original work will be accepted
  • Only .jpg, .jpeg, .gif., .bmp, and .png file extensions are allowed to be uploaded
  • All submissions are final. All purchases are final.
  • No refunds will be given (unless there is an extenuating circumstance or if the Administrator of this, in their sole and absolute discretion, believe a system error is at fault
  • By entering your artwork in our competition, you explicitly represent that you are the rightful owner and copyright holder of the artwork
  • If you decided to mail your artwork to us, please remember that Artwork will NOT be returned
  • By submitting your artwork to our site, you agree to allow us to post, copy, and/or distribute the artwork at our discretion
  • Submissions in which payment has not been made in full during the same day of submission, will be deleted from the system WITHOUT further notice to the parties
  • For each competition, a certain amount of entries MUST be collected before any winners can be selected.  If during a current bi-annual competition, no winners have been selected due to not reaching the required amount of entries, current contestants submitted and paid for artwork will AUTOMATICALLY be enrolled in the next bi-annual competition
  • Owners and Administrators of this website reserve the right to change the "Competition Rules and Regulations" and/or the "Terms and Conditions of Use" at any time without notice.
  • Contestants may enter as many times as they desire
  • You may choose whether to exhibit your art on the site or just enter the competition (via the online form).
  • We reserve the right to remove certain art that we believe may be offensive or inappropriate to post on our site in the sole and absolute discretion of our webmaster.  However, in such a circumstance, your submitted artwork will still be considered for the competition.


We hope you enjoy our site... Look around and when ready, submit your art!



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